About us

K9 Nature Supplements is a company created by extraordinary scientists who have a passion for natural and holistic health for dogs. As devoted dog lovers, we only market products that we ourselves would give to our own dogs, ensuring the highest quality, safety, and key benefits. K9 Nature's Supplements are designed to help your dog live a healthful, happy, long life.

Our Story

A dog has a special place in our hearts, but they become so much more - a faithful friend and a devoted family member. So much so that we would do anything for them. That's where our story begins. One gorgeous spring morning, our Vizsla was enjoying running wild and free through the grass fields of PA. Then it happened...

Odi stepped in a groundhog hole, yipped, and was holding his leg up in the air, not putting any weight on it. I picked him up (all 50 pounds at the time, which was an adventure in itself), carried him to the vehicle and rushed to the vet.

After impatiently waiting and hoping against hope, our vet let out a sigh of relief. "Here's the good news: the leg is not broken! BUT he did injure the joint area and overstretch the ligaments. The only way for it to heal is with rest and minimal movements for several weeks." I was relieved that his leg wasn't broken, but thought how in the world was I going to keep an extremely active and energetic dog from not running for weeks?

To make a long story short, the vet prescribed a bunch of medications to him, such as Rimadyl for the pain and Trazadone to calm him down. As a Pharmacologist, my first response was to ask about the side effects of each drug. While I believe there is definitely a time and place for pharmaceuticals, I am a strong advocate for holistic and natural healing when possible. And the same goes for my pets. I only want to give them what's best for them.

I searched high and low for natural alternatives to dog medications. When my search came up short, I decided to start K9 Nature Supplements, a company focused on providing natural and herbal alternatives for dog health. Our team of key scientists bring expertise in pharmacology, dog physiology, and biochemistry.

And for the rest of the story... Through a tough few weeks of keeping Odi on the leash everytime we went outside, as well as utilizing natural supplements, his leg healed completely. In fact, you would never know that he had an injury in the past. To this day, he still enjoys his long walks and runs out in the fields again.

About Our Products

Our mission is to provide dog parents with high quality, unique natural supplements to support the health of their dogs. All of our products are made with the highest quality raw materials all sourced in the US and made in the US in a FDA Approved c-GMP Facility. In fact, we mostly use human grade and organic ingredients when possible.

Our chews are manufactured by "cold pressing" the ingredients instead of hot extruding them. This has many advantages in that it preserves each natural ingredient to provide the highest activity and best quality for your dog. While this process provides the best quality, it does lead to more variance in chew size. Despite the small variance, the chews provide a consistent dosage for your dog. In addition, our chews have a very low water activity, allowing them to stay fresh for several months after the package is open. 

Quality Assurance

A key part of our company is extensive research, product development, and safety to ensure everything we produce is the very best for your dog, and as a result gives you peace of mind. We have thorough safety protocols during the manufacturing process to ensure that we are providing safe products for each and every dog. There are no harsh chemicals or ingredients that are bad for your dog. You can rest assured that any product you give your dog is safe and works to help support their health in a natural manner.

All of our raw materials are supplied by reputable suppliers who provide sensory, analytical and microbiological tests to ensure that all materials are safe to move forward to the manufacturing step. Essential tests are conducted to measure the quantity of heavy metals, yeast, mold, bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria, E. coliStaphylococcus aureus and Salmonella causing bacteria. Once the products are manufactured, they go through another round of testing including total plate count, coliforms, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella and Listeria causing bacteria.

This testing is a standard part of our overall quality and safety program and is performed on all of our products. Only products that pass all tests are sold to our customers. 

We strive to provide high quality natural alternatives for dogs and that is reflected in all of our products. We hope your dog and you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them!